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6th Grade Science Fair Projects - Choosing a Topic

A sixth grader Student will study adaptation, changes in population, and how organisms survive under different conditions. They will learn about fossils and what they tell us about the past. Extinction will be introduced and the concept of the Ice Age. Your child will be asked to distinguish between a day, month, and year using the movements of the earth, moon, and sun. Gravity is a main focus in earth science at this level as well.

Kids in the sixth grade like to do science projects where they can see something react right in front of their eyes. It takes a lot of practice for a student of this age to truly understand the difference between qualitative and quantitative observations. If reminded to do so, students in grade six can be good at measuring. Your child may naturally use his sense of smell, taste, and sight. However, to deduce a hypothesis is sometimes hard, especially if it is intangible.

This is why a reaction happening in front of them works best. Trying an experiment several times to really make a conclusion can be difficult. Help your child keep his patience as it is sometimes hard for him to see what's really happening. Also, the child may be apprehensive to commit to a conclusion for fear of being wrong. Another common problem is for kids to want a certain outcome so badly that they just don't see any other conclusion but what they believe to be the correct answer. Remind your child that it's not about being right or wrong; it's simply about presenting a question, testing that question, and observing the data.

Some typical science fair projects for grade level six include: What paper towel can absorb the most water? What happens to a tooth when soaked in various kinds of soda pop? Which chewing gum blows the best bubbles? Will my plant grow in the dark? Can I confuse an animal when it runs through a maze? Students at this age also like surveys and using friends and family as participants. Can a blindfolded female recognize smells or tastes better than a blindfolded male? Which chocolate do boys like most versus girls?

As parents, we tend to first look at safety. Then, there is always the concern about not truly understanding the assignment and trying to do it at the last minute. Parents like projects to be perfect, and tend to step in too much. Try to let your child understand how important it is to begin thinking and planning a project far in advance of its due date. Then, when the time comes, try asking questions of your child, instead of answering them for him.

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