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Here is where you'll find a wide range of ideas and advice when it comes to science fair projects. Whether you're budding scientist in elementary, middle, or high school, this is the site to find all the information you need.

Here on, you will read about what area of science you will be studying at the current grade level. What should your child know by now? Along with some good topics and ideas that you may like to use for your science fair project.

We will provide you with a quick overview of topics that you will typically find in your current science textbook, along with free information on great science fair projects relating to these areas of study.

Not sure what a biome is?

Don't yet know what osmosis or metamorphosis is? Don't worry, we have the basics here for you to review and help you find the answers. Science fair projects in all grades, do not have to be a problem for you. They should be challenging, yet fun and interesting.

Everything you Need

Scinece Teacher with StudentWhile we can not promise to turn your child into a little Einstein, we do show you simple ways to involve your child so that both you and he or she will learn to enjoy science and all its wonders.


We will also point you to Science Fair Project Booksources of great information, such as books and other websites that provide some great materials on all topics of science fair projects.

101 Science Fair Projects is one such book that you will most certainly find to be of great value to your Science Fair Project.


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Topics and Ideas

Science Fair StudentGet helpful tips, ideas, and advice on how to deal with the challenge of finding and researching a science project that will excite your child and help him learn about important topics like

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Earth Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology


Children from all walks of life will be intrigued by similar topics in science. Studies of the earth, animals and plants, and even outer space will excite any young child.

Read about ways you can stir up some excitement at home with simple and fun activities you can perform with your child.




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